Installation instruction of towel dryer – rail

1 pc towel heater body;
4 pc brackets;
8 pc screws;
4 pc screws with a plastic anchor;
4 screws caps.

Attach the towel heater brackets to the chosen spot on the towel heater and mark the spots at which the brackets of the towel heater will be mounted. Drill the holes of required diameter, 40 mm in depth. Place the plastic dowels into the holes.

Position the towel heater at the mounting spot and use the connectors to attach it to the hot water pipeline.

Fasten the towel heater brackets with the screws.

If needed, the towel heater may be mounted together with the electric heater.
N-air valve;
T-tee connector;

Turn on the hot water supply and make sure that the towel heater is leakproof.

The correct grounding of towel heaters you will find here.